What is direct cremation?  

Direct cremation is the simplest, least expensive service option offered by New Rochelle Funeral Home.  There is no public visitation or memorial with the body present, and minimal handling and preparation of the body.  While not required, a brief identification is available prior to us remitting the body to the crematory, however, we ask no more than 4 people be present for this, and for a period no longer than 10-15 minutes.  The steps performed by us are listed below, as are the fees.  Cremains are usually available for pick up from New Rochelle Funeral Home within 5 to 7 days of the cremation taking place. If there is a time sensitive issue, please discuss this with our arrangement counselor.  

The Direct Cremation Service Includes:

Response to hospitals, or nursing and senior facilities located in New Rochelle and Westchester County, also New York City including Bronx, Queens or Manhattan, and Brooklyn.
Providing the party responsible with authorization documents required for NRFH to move forward including an itemization of all fees involved.
Obtaining a death certificate from the primary physician, or medical examiner.
Presenting a signed death certificate to appropriate authority such a local municipal clerk or NYC DOHMH.
Sheltering and refrigeration of the deceased until arrangements are finalized.
Cardboard alternative container the body is placed into at our facility and is brought to the crematory in, it is cremated along with the body.
Transporting the deceased to the crematory (see below).

Cost: $1195.00

What is NOT included in this price?

Crematory.  While we offer cremation services, laws prohibit funeral directors from operating the equipment necessary to cremate a human being on their premises in New York.  Therefore, the last step in the cremation process is for us to transit the body to a crematory.  The Crematory  at Ferncliff Cemetery of Hartsdale, is the facility to we prefer to engage.  The cost for performing the cremation is $512.00, and this charge will be noted on the itemization of goods and services selected provided to you during your arrangement conference with the New Rochelle Funeral Home.

Cremation permit.  A permit issued by a town, city or village official, or department of health to NRFH for the cremation.  In New Rochelle and Westchester County, the permit fee will be $20.00.  Deaths in the City of New York such as The Bronx or Manhattan will be $40.00 for this document.

Copies of the Certificate of Death.  Also called Certified copies of the Death Certificate.  You will notify our Funeral Director regarding the number of copies you will need to settle the affairs of the person who has passed.  Rule of thumb is this: the larger the estate, the higher number of copies needed.  Copies range in price from $10 each from the New Rochelle City Clerk to $15 each from the City of New York, plus a shipping and handling fee of $23.75.

When the above charges are combined, the cost of a simple, direct cremation arranged with New Rochelle Funeral Home will start at about $1372.00, including our service charge ($1195.00), Ferncliff Cemetery ($512.00), Cremation Permit ($20.00), 3 Copies of the Certificate of Death ($30.00 or 3 @ $10.00 Each), and a Gratuity ($10.00) for incidentals such as parking or tolls. Cremains will be available at our location for pickup usually 7-10 days from the time you contact our office.  For an additional fee, ashes may be sent anywhere in the United States, using the United States Postal Service.

Can I be there? Religious or spiritual customs, or your own piece of mind may mean you wish to "witness" the cremation process.  We do offer this option to you. We ask that you contact our office to discuss scheduling and costs when you wish to be present at the crematory. 

Ready to begin? Start by calling our location at (914) 633-0500 at any time so that we may assist you.  You may also visit our "When Death Occurs" page for further guidance.