Funeral Service Options

Family and friends getting together to honor a loved one’s life is one of the most important steps in the grieving and healing process.  You may select a traditional religious or military service, followed by a cremation or burial of  your loved-one, or as more of our clients are requesting, you may also arrange a ‘life celebration’ or memorial service at New Rochelle Funeral Home.   

Decisions need to be made about the location and time of the funeral or memorial service, or the choice of casket or urn.  Another decision to make is who will be officiating the service.  You can choose to have a minister (or other religious leader) or a funeral celebrant (usually a religiously unaffiliated individual) preside over the service. 

Whatever arrangement you plan thru NRFH, we are here to help create a unique and memorable service that people will remember fondly for years to come while complying with all local laws, customs and regulations, and ensuring safe and sanitary care and sheltering of your loved one while in they are in our possession. Contact us to discuss your needs.

When Death Occurs

Whether a death is unforeseen, or at the end of a long journey, the loss of a someone in our circle makes us feel emotional and overwhelmed.  New Rochelle Funeral Home and its staff will help you complete arrangements in a respectful and timely manner. 
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Burial Services

Traditionally, a burial service involves a visitation at the funeral home,  church, temple or synagogue, mosque or other place of worship, and may or may not include a religious service.  Graveside services held in a cemetery only can also be arranged.  The casket is typically present, and it is your decision on whether to have the casket open or not.  You have the option of having the casketed remains interred (earth burial), or it may be entombed in a crypt inside a mausoleum (above ground). See More

Cremation Services

Cremation is an alternative to in-ground burial and it is chosen by many people because of its lower cost factor vs. burial and cemetery space, the desire to preserve the environment as a wish of the deceased, or religious or cultural custom. While cremation may be the choice for disposition of the body, a service or ceremony, or visitation can be held with the body present prior to cremation along with any religious custom being performed, again in the Funeral Home or religious facility you desire.  The body is placed into a rigid container, coffin or casket (as is also the case for burial) that is combustible and placed in a special furnace called a cremation chamber, retort or a crematory where through intense heat is reduced to bone fragments that are then processed to resemble coarse sand.   Following the cremation, the ashes or "cremains" are returned to the family, either for safe keeping, burial in a cemetery or placement into an above ground niche, or dispersed over a body of water or place special to the deceased or their family.  A memorial gathering or service, or life celebration can take place with or without the ashes present and can be held at our Location, or another selected by you.  See More

Eulogies and Obituaries

Preparing and delivering a meaningful, moving eulogy can be a challenge for even the most accomplished public speaker, but it need not be.  How can you summarize somebody’s life in a few short minutes, while acknowledging loss and celebrating life at the same  time?  See More


A funeral can be a ceremony for a deceased person and affords the opportunity for family and friends of the deceased to gather and note the passing of their loved one, to share memories and celebrate their life as well as a time to reflect.  See More